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We have over 20 years of experience in the film and photography business of Florida, South America, the Caribbean and New York.  If you have a location you need – we will make it happen for you.

Given the changes in the industry, we maximize our time and our client’s costs by reaching out to the best Location Library Firms in the community as well as the Film Commissions, or appropriate Government agency, to put out feelers for what we are looking for.  At times, this is sufficient and a small scout to update the images is all that is needed.

When a client requires a location not found in any Location Library, we will discuss a budget for seeking out the location to meet the client’s need.

Location Library Firms are compensated by commission, which represents a percentage of the fee paid for the location (invisible to client).   We are compensated at the industry standard day rate for a ten hour day.  We will provide a 1/2 day rate to meet budgetary needs for clients for a five hour day.

We offer prompt service, and strive for same day service based on availability, and will immediately publish the location photos to a private page set up for you on this website.

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